What is OAV.Net ?

The OAV.Net was a project I wanted to start after I saw The Animearchive. I wanted to make some big website in France (and maybe international one ?) about OAV, Mangas, and in general Japanese Animation and Comics.
Because I never had the time to make that, so this website is mostly my own website and portail for my own projects.

Who I am ?

I am Xavier Beaudouin. I am working on the Internet in France since the early days of 1995 :) You can get my resume here.

And what about KAZAR ?

KAZAR is the non-profit organization I have co-created with Jean-Baptiste Guerin and Alexandre Faure. The idea of this organisation is to provide people (non-profit organization, individuals, some small companies that cannot afford big fortune 100 hosting system) some unique services based on some OpenSource software that are unique.

Caudium ?

Caudium is a webserver platform. I was the previous project master for this project, but since my company is not interressed by these features I have let te maintainership to Bill Welliver.
More informations about that at http://caudium.net/.