Scheduling any job at filer


From windows host ( admin host ), enable rsh ( windows 2003 box )

C:\> rsh sim –l root –n sysconfig –r    gave the output result ( sim is filer )


Filer http access

1. license http

2. httpd.enable ON

3. httpd.rootdir xxxx ---- location like /vol/vol0/<share path or

                                         qtree >


Volum performance Optimization


Vol options volname minra ON

                                   (minimal read ahead )



To change admin host administrator’s p/w


Filer>login administrator

Filer>new password:…..


To change root p/w

1. attach to console – straight console

2. press Ctrl-C while booting

3. On the menu choose option 3 – password change  - root


Ctrl-C  - boot menu options

1. Password reset   ---  root

2. Disk Initialize and destroy and setup new filer


New filer setup

Software get url –f filename

Software install url



Environment status all


Previous ONTAP on flash

Priv set diag

Version –b   --- will show the contents in flash


Previous firmware upgrade of disks

Priv set advanced





Lines in /etc/quotas

/vol/vol0/testftp     tree     10m



WAFL stuffs


Vol walf iron   - checks the vol in wafl level

Wafl check  ( when inconsistencies happen, when vol

                       becomes restricted all of a sudden )

                to correct for inconsistencies volume

                1. Ctrl –C while boot

                2. Options – Selection ? WAFL_Check -z



For slow access or backup or performance issues

Filer> wafl scan masure_layout      vol0

Filer> wafl scan measure_layout /vol/vol0/filename

Filer > wafl scan status [vol|file]    ---- to view



NFS General




/vol/test    -rw,root=sun1

/vol/vol1    rw,root=sun1


#mkdir /mnt/filer

#mount filer1:/vol/vol1 /mnt/filer


/etc/rntab  - maintains the mount point

/etc/hosts   - name and IP address

/etc/nsswitch.conf  - resolution order file

Filer> exportfs

Filer > rdfile /etc/exports

filer> exportfs –a

filer>exportfs –I –o rw=<ip address>, root=<ip address>


NFS troubleshooting




Wcc –u  <unix user>   ---------- unix credential

>exportfs -c host pathname ro|rw|root #checks access cache

                    for host permission

>exportfs -s pathname # verifies the path to which a wol is


>exportfs -f #flush cache access entries and reload

>exportfs -r #ensures only persistent exports are loaded


NFS error 70 - stale file handle

>vol read_fsid


# mount   --- will display what protocol being used for mounting    ( in unix host )


# mount –o tcp < >


Qtree security


Portmap –d



Filer General              NFS                CIFS                SnapMirror                      SnapVault                NDMPCopy       SM SQL     Search

Rpcinfo –p < filer ip >


Lock Manager Release

Priv set advanced

Sm_mon –u < NFS_client_hostname>



While changing the mode

chmod 4710 oidldapd

chmod: changing permissions of `oidldapd': Input/output error


If I look in /var/log/message I see the following error:

Mar 30 19:44:59 bilbo kernel: nfs_refresh_inode: inode number mismatch

Mar 30 19:44:59 bilbo kernel: expected (0x950485c3/0x9b7609), got (0x950485c3/0x7d0b11)


Told customer to get rid of the nosuid on the exports file and that solved the issue.


Permission Denied : File handle

67000000   6ad77710  20000000  107754a 99f750f  84ce0064  67000000   6ad77700


First two numbers FSID

Next three  :  FID, Inode, FID

Next three :  FID export point


Now, inode is different for different volume

It is found by


Priv set diag

Vol read_fsid vol0


 => gives hex number – should match any number above so that it indicates, file of which volume has problem. Hex number can be converted to decimal value as well


In unix side

# find –inum <decimal value >

# find /mnt/cleearcase –inum  _________

  ( checking FID for above mount point )


# /etc/mnttab 

  ( look here to find that number as well )


# ls – li   prints inode numbers – in decimal – convert that to


# find . –inum < number > print  


( Sometimes, vol fsid number found must be reversed to get the exact place of innode )


General Permission Problems

Check the export permissions

Check the local unix system – file level and owner level

                     Permission and also qtreee security

( Sometimes filer permission comes to stay on top of local permission at unix box, so that it cannot be seen – they will become hidden )

To find use

# chmod



Read unix files

# cat

# more

# vi


NFS Performance


Pktt – start e5a , -dump e5a, pktt –stop ( all three– start to end)


Nfsstat –d  ( displays cache statistic )

             -z  ( zero out the stat )

             -m  ( mount point statistics )

Perfstat –b –f filename > perfstat.begin

Perfstat –e –f filename > perfstat.end

# time mkfile 10m test   ( time it takes )

# time cp test

Windows host > sio_ntap_sol 100 100 4096 100m 10 2 a.file

                           b.file –noflock


CPU utilization 100 percent


Customer needs to collect and send

Perfstat –f  <file name> -t 5 > perfstat.out


More detail perfstat

Perfstat –t 2 –f nasx > text.txt

Perfstat –t 2 –f nasx –P flat > text.txt

                                  -P  domains ( SMP )

                                       ~ flat

                                          ~ kahuna

                                          ~ network

                                          ~ raid

                                          ~ storage



Other NFS options

Options wafl.root_only_chown  on

cifs.nfs_root.ignore_acl  ON




Common NFS error messages


Nfs mount : /remote_file_system_name : Stale NFS file


      this error message means that an opened file or directory

     has been destroyed or recreated