CIFS setup


    Cifs setup


Cifs configuration files






Cifs general


Cifs shares

Cifs access permission

Cifs restart

Cifs shares eng

Cifs shares add eng /vol/cifsvol/eng

Cifs access eng full control

Cifs sessions

Cifs sessions s

Cifs terminate t 10

Priv set advanced

Cifs perfdc add  <domain name > <ip address>

Cifs perfdc pdc add <pdc ip address>

Cifs homedir load    #  7.0 load to registry

Cifs nbalias

Cifs testdc

Cifs domaininfo    -  also check /etc/rc file

Cifs.trace-login ON   - to trace cifs issues


CIFS performance


Cifs stats

smb_hist  -z

sysstat c 15 2   ( 15 iterations every 2 seconds )



Ifstat -a

netstat m   -r     -i   ( can be used any one )

netdiag v,  -sap

cifs sessions


cifs performance optimize

options cifs.oplocks.enable ON

options cifs.tcp.window_size 64240

options cifs.max.mpx 253

options cifs.neg_buf_size 65340  - max

    ( 32K + 260 =~ 33028 this number can also be set )

Check switches to enable forwarding mode immediately

# set spantree portfast module/port enable

options cifs.oplocks_opendelta 0

  ( if client disconnects too much after this change, change this back to 8 (default ))





Cifs homedirctory


1. volume snapvol is created

2. qtree is created as root of this vol => snapvol ; sec is unix

3. share is created as snaphome of this qtree as

    /vol/snapvol/home with everyone/full control

4. options cifs.home-dir /vol/snapvol/home

    Options cifs.home-dir-namestyle <blank>

5. edit /etc/cifs_homedir.cfg file and add at the end



CIFS troubleshooting NT4 domain

Cifs setup error : Filers security information differs from domain controller, CIFS could not start

Sol :

NT4 PDC/BDC : Server Management Delete the account, recreate the account and rerun the setup.


NT4 PDC and BDC secure channel communication/verification

BDC c:> netdom bdc \\bdcname /query




CIFS troubleshooting


Wcc s domain\name  -----windows match with

                                            /etc/lclgroups.cfg file   - any

                                            changes here requires reboot

Wcc u username   --------------unix

Cifs domaininfo  - tells dns entry

Rdfile /etc/rc   ---------  will have dns info


Options wafl

                                Should see unix




/etc/passwd                  these two files are read at the first time


Cannot Ping DNS server


1. Enter the host address in dns

2. Make sure that there is no deny/untrusted entry in /etc/rc file
3. Check the filer view - > Networking -> DNS entry
4. If qtree is created and shared for CIFS access, make sure that qtree settings are correct, otherwise may get access denied error







Filer General              NFS                CIFS                SnapMirror                      SnapVault                NDMPCopy       SM SQL    Search


NFS error 70

     File or directory that was opened by NFS client was either removed or replaced on the NFS filer server


Locked file findings in NFS

Filer> priv set advanced

Filer > lock_dump h | -f  ( h or f )

21048    0x00000687 : 0x00088720 0 : 0 1/3 :3 LOCK_ (0xfffffc000598, .)


a. 21048 is the pid of the process, check in solaris that it is running

b. take the value of 0x00000687 convert to decimal to obtain the value 

         ( in solaris $ echo 0x000006d7=D|adb)  will convert

c. to find the file

   solaris $  find .inum 1751  -print



Networking Troubleshooting



Filer > ifconfig for IP address related issues

Filer > routed status

Filer > routed OFF

Filer > routed ON



Filer cannot have DHCP dynamic address. It is stored in /rc file as static even if DHCP is choosen.




Netstat i

Netstat I <interface name like ns0,e5a etc >

Netdiag vV

Ifstat a      - Flow control information at bottom

                     10/100/1GB flow etc purely switch based : what

                     Ever switch is set, filer takes that



Routing table of filer

Netstat rn

Route f      --------------  to flush



Netstat a     to check all open ports on filer

Netstat   ----- to see all connected connections


Port numbers

514 / tcp   rsh

135   tcp/udp   rpc

111  udp rpc for sun


Network troubleshooting


Cannot Ping to other subnet

1. netstat rn should have default route addresss at top

2. do routed status  if no entry

3. Even if rc file shows default gateway address add


    Route  add default <ip address> 1 and check above


Checking steps

> rdfile /etc/rc

> ifconfig a

>netstat rn    ---- gateway line must be there

>routed status

>routed ON   --- if gateway is not there add manually


Packet Tracing on filer

1. pktt start e0 b 1m i

2. pktt status e0 ( should show some traces )

3. pktt dump e0 f/mytrace.trc

4. pktt stop all

5. file is created at C$ of filer

6. make cifs connection to filer and point to \\<filer>\C$

7.get file mytrace.trc file

8. open by ethereal or packetizer







Brocade Switch                          


# wwn

10:00:00:05:1e:34:b0:fc   - may be the output

# ssn "10:00:00:05:1e:34:b0:fc"   - setting the switch serial

                                                        number to wwn


MCData Switch

If direct connection works but not thru mcdata, verify that OSMS is licensed and enabled.


> config features show

> config features opensysMS 1


> storage show switch