No other lun restore can be done from same host. As SFSR is going on in background sol is : wait patiently. Log off and log back in after while, the drive should come.



Snap restore


Volume Restore

Snap restore t vol path_and_vol_name

Snap restore t vol s snapshot_name path_and_vol_name


File restore


 Snap restore t file path_and_file_name

Snap restore t file s snapshot_name r new_path_and_file_name path_and_file_name


Snapshot restore

Snap restore t file s winblocktemp /vol/winblocks/winblocksum


Qtree or directory restore

Snap restore f t file s < snapshot > /vol/vol0/<directory name>  - to restore for directory





Vol status b

vol create vol1 2

vol restrict vol1

vol copy start vol0 vol1

vol online vol1

snap list vol1


snap create vol1 snap1



  Snap Mirror




vol status b vol1  (size in blocks)

vol status vol1

options snapmirror.access host=filerA

filerB>vol restrict vol2


>wrfile /etc/snapmirror.conf


filerA:vol1 filerB:vol2 - * * * * (min hour day-mon day-week)

filerA:vol1 filerB:vol2 45 10,11,12,13,14,15,16 * 1,2,3,4,5

snapmirror on


vol status v

filerB>snapmirror initialize S filerA:vol1 filerB:vol2 #baseline data transfer

snapmirror status

snapmirror status l   more detail info

snapmirror off

snapmirror break filerb:vol2


snapmirror on

snapmirror quiesce filerB:/vol/vol0/mymirror (break a qtree snapmirror)

snapmirror resync S filerB:vol2 filerA:vol1



snapmirror update filerb:vol2

snapmirror off #disable snapmirror

snapmirror on  #resume snapmirror,reread /etc/snapmirror.conf

snapmirror break vol2 # converts a mirror to a read/write vol or qtree on dest filer

snapmirror destinations -s source_volname

snapmirror release vol1 filerc:vol1

snapmirror status -l vol1


for qtree:

snapmirror quiesce mirror_qtree

snapmirro break mirror_qtree


Breaking snapmirror

1. snapmirror quiesce < destination path>    --- check from



2. snapmirror off

3. snapmirror break < destination path>

To Resume the operation

Have to resync




snapmirror store #initialize a volume sanpmirror from tape on source vol

snapmirror retrieve # on mirror vol



Synchronous Snapmirror


filera:/vol1 filerb:/vol2 - sync

#multi path

src_con = multi()

src_con:/vol1 dest:/vol2 - sync

#src_con = failover()



 Steps to create Mirror


1. Enter the license on both

2. user snapmirror.access option to specify the destination filer

3. on the destination filer , edit /etc/snapmirror.conf file

4. On both source and destination filers enter snapmirror on


Filer General              NFS                CIFS                SnapMirror                      SnapVault                NDMPCopy       SM SQL      Search



5. on the destination filer, run snapmirror initialize <destination > command



Destination vol must be restricted

Everything in destination will get deleted once initiazlied


snapmirror optimization


filer > options snapmirror.window_size 199475234  (default )

           (this will cause large brust of packet does not work

            well for WAN. May cause large packet drops resulting

           in the termination of snapmirror transfer or resulting

            very low throughput )

To change this

Dest filer > options snapmirror.window_size < between 8760

                     ~ 199475234 )


Window size calculation

           Window size = roundtrip delay * desired delay


Eg: for 10 mbps and RTD 100 millisec

                      (100/1000)*10,000,000 /8 = 125,000


Options snapmirror.delayed_acks.enable off


Snapmirror problem

On the source filer

Snapmirror source transfer from <vol> to <destination filer>:<vol. : request denied, previous request still pending

Socket connect error : resource temporarily unavailable

Sol : On Destination

1. make sure that vol is there

2. other source is pingable

Destination mirror filer> snapmirror abort netapp01:vol1 pcnetapp01:vol1 OR snapmirror abort netapp01 pcnetapp01

Destination filer> snapmirror status

  ( see transfer has stopped )

Destination filer> snapmirror resync s netapp01:vol1 pcnetapp01:vol1





>options snapvault.enable on

>options snapvault.access host=name


baseline qtree

>snapvault start S filer:/vol/vol1/c1-v1-q1 vault:/vol/volx/t1-


>snapvault modify -S src_filer:qtree_path

>snapvault update dest

>snapvault snap sched <volume> <snapname> count@day_list@hour_list

>snapvault snap sched vol1 sv_1900 4@mon-sun@19

>snapvault snap unsched

>snapvault snap create #manually create a snapshot on the primary or secondary

#snapshot name must exist

>snapvault restore s snapname S srcfiler:/vol/volx/qtree

>snapvault stop destfiler:/vol/volx/qtree

>snapvault abort dest_qtree

>snapvault release src_qtree dest_qtree

>snapvault status


>snapvault start r <source qtree>  <destination qtree>




Snapvault troubleshooting


Ifa backup relationship from OSSV is created and then deleted from secondary, any attempt to recreate it fails with error message:

Transfer aborted: the qtreee is not the source for the snapmirror destination




Twain*> snapvault start s fsr-pc1:E:\smalldir /vol/tinysmalldir


( error at console : snapvault : destination transfer from fsr-pc1:E:\smalldir to /vol/tiny/smalldir : the qtree is not the source for the snapmirror destination

Transfer aborted : the qtree is not the source for the snapmirror destination


On the primary log :  error :  E:\smalldir  twain:/vol/tiny/smalldir Invalid qtree/snapshot requested

Log: e:\smalldir twain:/vol/tiny/smalldir unexpected close getting qsm data



To workaround

Release the relationship on primary using

Snapvault.exe release e:\smalldir twain:/vol/tiny/smalldir


To see what relationships are releasable type

Snapvault.exe destinations


backup with DFM


>options ndmpd.enable on

>options ndmpd.access dfm-host

> options ndmpd.authtype <challenge | plaintext >


Non root user get ndmp password as

> ndmpd password  <user name >

> ndmp password ..