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1. Check DNS servers, must point to itself and must have at least 4,5 services - AD



1. Check where currently pointing to ( DNS )

Filer> priv set diag

Filer> registry walk auth

If requires to rerun cifs setup, this registry can be deleted

Filer> registry deltree auth



Net view \\filername should show all shares from windows side and cifs shares should show from filer side

But, when share is accessed from windows machine, we get No Network Provider Present. Ping works, iscsi works, iscsi drives are OK – can access. But, cifs shares does not work. In filer side we see ‘Called name not present ( 0x82). Cifs resetdc also gives the same message.


Check :

a. If filer and windowsdc is rebooted at the same time because of power failure this is seen. Filer needs to come first and then DC

b. make sure that there is no virus related activities goin on that host. Virus scan to windows host or filer can also make this happen



When trust is there

When trust is newly established – No Logon Server available may come while accessing.

Cifs resetdc  will make it work. Also in some permission issues.


Disable WINS on interface e0 ( if requires to go by pure DNS only )

Filer> ifconfig e0 –WINS 

   ( so that filer do not talk to WINS server )



Process to find CIFs problem

Cifs shares          should see everyone full control

Qtree security NTFS

Check options wafl

<            >  blank

<            > unix

<           > pcuser


Check /etc/usermap.cfg

          /etc/passwd file


/vol/test  -  check this is UNIX or NTFS


When WINS address is changed

Options cifs.wins_servers ( ip address, , , )  ---- to view WINS

Cifs resetdc


Common Cifs issues  - cannot access , access denied

1. time lag between pc and filer   ( change from filer view )

2. qtree security [unix |  ntfs  | mixed ]  - change temporarily

                                                                  From ntfs to unix and

                                                            back to ntfs   or ntfs to

                                                         mixed and back to ntfs

(when folder is mapped…in its drive letter you do not see security tab… well.)


Cifs Options

Cifs.show_snapshot  ON

Options cifs.netbios_aliases.names    --- alternate names of


Wafl.net_admin_priv_map_to_root     ON*

Options cifs.trace_login  ON



* to take ownership of file by windows top level administrator when file is created from unix side and has only unix ACLs


CIFS + NFS both

Scenario A

1. qtree in vol is created with mixed sec

2. share that qtree

3. groupwise users access in unix are defined in /etc/group file

                /etc/group - > is in unix side. Client or NIS server

                Eng::gid:khanna, Uddhav

In client side

                Ls –l   file / directory listing





( to see both permission in cifs shares – permission from unix and permission from windows use secureshare access )


4. In windows create group and give access

5. /etc/usermap.cfg file is used to map user accounts in windows and their corresponding account in unix to access/manage resources


Win                        unix

-               <=           -               (unix to windows)

-               >=           -               (windows to unix)

-               ==           -               (both)

Test\*    ==           -             ( all users of test windows domain)

Domain\<user> => root










( if the user is not able to see home directory but all other users folders ; CIFS restart and access home )


6. when file is created in that cifs directory or nfs mounted place, the ownership is maintained by who ever created it and access is granted by usermap.cfg file


7. Make sure that

                Wafl.net_admin_priv_map_to_root    ON

( sometimes permissions are locked and some files gets corrupted; while accessing it says do not have access or encrypted. Every other files works fine. In this case changing

Options cifs.nfs_root_ignore_acl  from off to ON and

              Change the permission from NFS mounted side -unix

              to Chmod 777 and access file. Change back to OFF.

              Will work after this all the time

(this was the cause when user upgraded from 6.4 to 6.5 and some files in mixed qtree’s folders were not able to access nor change the permission from even root user from NFS side. Above permission reset made it work.



Scenario B

1. Qtree is created its security is unix

2. Share is created of that qtree – so location is the same

3. Cifs client cannot chdir into directory if the user has execute

    Permission – d-wx-wx-wx  eg MODE == 111. User gets

   NT_Status_access_Denied message when accessed

4. If the user is granted read only – MODE == 444 ), chdir is



CIFS audit

Options Cifs.audit.enable ON

Cifs.audit.file_access_events.enable ON

Cifs.audit.logon_events.enable ON

Cifs.audit.logzie   524288

                Cifs.audit.saveas /etc/log/adtlog.evt

Filer > cifs audit save –f

           Read /etc/log/adtlog.evt as event log thru windows


CIFS errors

LSAOpenPolicy2 : Exception rpc_s_assoc_grp_max exceeded

Veritas Backup Exec 9.1 : mycomputer -> shares -> sessions shows Veritas Backup Exec Administrative account connections for every share in filer. One connection per share and it grows each and every day as well as stays there each and everyday. This must be wiped out.



Virus Scan


Vscan    ----  to see the status of virus scan

Vscan on

Vscan off

Vscan options

Vscan scanners

Vscan options client_msgbox [on|off]

Vscan scanners secondary_scanners ip1 [ip address]




Fpolicy show

Fpolicy enable

Fpolicy options

Fpolicy server





rdfile /etc/quotas


Cluster Prerequisite

Volume option create_ucode ON

Options coredump.timeout.enable ON

Options coredump.timeout.seconds 60 or less




Cf disable

Cf enable

Cf status

Partner cifs terminate –t 0

Cf giveback


F1                                                             F2

Cf takeover                                           Can shutdown

                                                              When comes up

                                                              Waiting for giveback

                                                              from partner

cf giveback


Sometimes, due to active state, this may not run. Make sure that no cifs sessions are running. Also snapmirror should be off




 San FCP



>fcp show cfmode (standby,partner,mixed)

>fcp set cfmode mixed

>fcp show adapters

>fcp show initiators

>fcp setup

>fcp set cfmode [dual_fabric | mixed | partner | standby ]

>fcp nodename

>fcp config

>fcp status

>fcp start

>fcp config 10b

>igroup show