>fcp stats vtic

                ( virtual target interconnect adapter )

>fcp stats 5a

>sysstat –f 1

Igroup show

Lun show –m

Lun show -v


/usr/sbin/lpfc/lputil  - to verify the bindings

/opt/NTAPsanlun/bin/create_binding.pl –l root –n <filer ip>

/kernel/drv/sd.conf    (make sure that target id and adapters are here)

Lputilnt  - utility from windows host attach kit from Netapp


#san lun show

#devfsadm  -  to allow discovery of the new lun

#newfs /dev/rdsk/c1t1d0s6

#sanlun fcp show adapter –v

#reboot -- -r



Igroup bind <initiator group> <portset>

Igroup unbind <initiator>



C:\> vssadmin list shadows

C:\> vssadmin list writers

C:\> vssadmin list providers





Lun create

Lun setup

Lun show –m, -v

Lun stat –a –o –i 2

Lun destroy  -f < lun path > ( the –f command destroy the lun even if

                                               it is mapped )

lun move

lun map | unmap <lun path><initiator group>[<lun ID>]

lun online


priv set diag

lun geometry


SNAP drive LUN creation process

1. create qtree

2. share qtree

3. create lun – snap drive can be used – so that lun is created inside qtree

(if qtree is not set properly, cannot access cifs shares – access denied error message happens )


LUN restore from snapshot  (snap restore of lun – snap restore licensing req )


Filer > snap restore –t file –S snap1 /vol/lunvol/lun1/lun1.lun

Q asked – Choose Y ; Proceed => Y

Filer> lun unmap <lun path> <initiator group>

Filer > lun map <lun path> <initiator group> [lin id]

Filer > lun online <lun path>




When volume, qtree,files their space reserve is disabled by default, to change this – we must do:

Vol options vol1 create_reserved on | off

Lun create –o noreserve -f ( overrides the default settings on the

                                        volume , including the file level )

lun set reservation


Solaris lun increase

# dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/rdsk/clt0d1s2 count=1 bs=512

#format clt0d1


Snapshot of LUN

Rws is the file created when snapshot of LUN is taken. 124 event ID is generated by SnapDrive. When deletion of this snapshot LUN is tried 134 is created as well. When there is busy snapshot, other snapshot may hang and 134 is also generated

124 - > 249 - > 134  can be seen

( must see kb2370)


NDMP copy of LUN

Ndmpcopy –da root:netapp /vol/vol0/lun/test.lun

( lun files can only be restored to either root volume or qtree root directories )

( Also, when the lun is copied, it may not be full, so it my go fast while copying )

After this – on destination :

                Dest filer > reallocate start –o –n lunpath


LUN backup from snapmirrored volume


1. on both source and destination create_upcode, convert_upcode ON

2. from destination filer : snapmirror update [options] <dest_filer : dest_vol>

3. On the source filer : lun share <lun path> read

4. run snapmirror update command





iscsi show interface







Filer General              NFS                CIFS                SnapMirror                      SnapVault                NDMPCopy       SM SQL      Search



iswt interface show iswta   --- shows sessions and its initiator information

                ( iscsi software target )


iscsi show initiator

iscsi stats

sysstat –i 1

iscsi config

iscsi status  - to make sure that iscsi is running, also check that

                      iscsi licensing is enable at filer


iscsi windows troubleshooting

iscsicli – command line version from Microsoft


SuSe iscsi LUN setup – Chap authentication

1. filer > iscsi security generate

2. filer> iscsi security add –I initiator –s method –p password –n inname [ -o outpassword –m outname]

             ( particular initiator connection )




   Filer > iscsi seurity default –s method –p inpassword –n inname [-o outpassword –m outname ]

               ( any initiator connection )        [[ only this one works]]



                                1. filer > iscsi config

                                2. linux # /etc/iscsi.conf

                                3. linux # /etc/fstab.iscsi

                                4. linux # uname –r

                                5. linux # cat /etc/issue

                                6. filer > iscsi show initiator

                                7. filer > iscsi security show

                                8. linux # cat /etc/initiatorname.iscsi


Iscsi private network connection

Filer> iswt interface show

Filer> iscsi show adapter

Filer> iswt session show –v iswta

                  ( will show tcp connection – ip addresses  or )


Now to change this to use private network only

                a.Snapdrive -> iscsi management -> disconnect

                b. From filer disable iscsi on public nic

                                iswa disable adapter < >

                c. Then reconnect and use prive ip from snap drive



 Space Reservation


Df -r




Hourly snapshot create failed  kb 4764

See Time Deamond at Filer General as well


to see snapshots by windows client

check two things

                     a. vol options vol0

                                 nosnap = off, nosnapdir = off   < default >

                     These should be off , when turned ON, cifs

                     windows client cannot access this and restore,

                     they can see it


                     b. options cifs

                                    cifs.show_snapshot  ON


To get access of \\<ip of filer>\vol0\.snapshot    - from

                               windows cifs access host

                      vol0 must be shared, otherwise cannot access



Nfs snapshot

.snapshot directory is shown only at the mount point, although it actually exists in every directory in the tree


Cifs snapshot

.snapshot directory appears only at the root of the shared.                            



Priv set advanced

Snap status

( blocked owned  =  x 4K = )


Snap list

(generally snap reserve is 20 % )





Solaris troubleshotting for lun


Solaris_info [-d <directory name>][-n<name>]


Snap Drive troubleshotting tool




Snapdrive snapshot lun restore from mirror site

1. Break mirror

2. Check that lun is online

3. if using by terminal services and ge the Failure in Checking Policies error , Errro Code : 13040, then log off, and log back in or if this does not work, reboot the windows host.

Single File Snap Restore ( SFSR ) is done before snapdrive makes the connection. During this time snap drive virtually does not work and issues 13040 error.